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Thread: Any opinions on this

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    Any opinions on this

    A deer ran into the side of my 2019 Grand Cherokee. It did about 1200-1500 dollars in damage. I have State Farm for insurance. They report all their claims and it will end up on Carfax. I have a $100.00 deductible. Would you pay out of pocket to keep the Carfax clean being that the car is so new or just turn it in.

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    What’s your long term plans for it? If it was me and I planned to keep it for 4-5+ years and 100k+ miles, I’d turn it in... if you plan to unload it quickly I’d consider paying out of pocket

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    Use the insurance, that's why you pay for it and have it. Take some detailed pictures of the damage and keep them on hand, when you go to sell the vehicle you can provide them to the potential buyer if it comes into question. Carfax is a nice option, but I think people put too much stock into it these days. If its fixed correctly there should be no issue's.
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    For what its worth, hitting a deer would not be like a major event on a car fax. Considering the depreciation on the vehicle, would it make that much difference anyways?

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    Yeah put the claim in, take pictures and keep them if you're really worried about what someone else thinks when you goto sell it. I bumped into the back of a car with my Cobra, did just enough damage to break the tabs on the bumper (which doesn't take much), and since the person I bumped claimed it, it shows up on the Carfax. Oh well. If I ever sell it I have pictures of the (hardly any) damage.
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