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Thread: Mustang II vs. Foxbody Mustang

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    Mustang II vs. Foxbody Mustang

    I am on a few Facebook groups. I always like some of the cars that are not very popular. I kind of like the Mustang II. On the Mustang II group, the Mustang II guys bash the Foxbody Mustang. So I thought that we could have a little poll to see which one is liked better!

    Mustang II

    Foxbody Mustang
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    FYI, I am not voting because you all know how I will vote.

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    No Ranger, no care.

    Quote Originally Posted by John4cam View Post
    Ahh fuque
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    My site picture answers my vote!
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    There is no logical reason for anything but foxbody to be “better”. Aftermarket support beyond anything ever seen and just everywhere. If you like a Mustang II, that’s great, but you are mostly hunting junk yards for parts.

    mustang 2 still evolved from the pinto.

    The M2 contribution to society is the front suspension for swaps.

    i would actually like to do a M2 someday, but better start with an all there Rock solid car.
    Bob Myers

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    Oh Fox body by a long shot. Now there are some really nice II's out there. For me those ugly bumpers kill the looks of those cars. Cut and tuck the bumpers does wonders in looks for nearly everything made in mid 70's.
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    This shouldn't even be a question!
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    I wanted to see what a diverse group of people thought. Again, I like the different products over the years so I am not bashing the Mustang II at all. Foxbodies, to me, are a better alternative where you can get anything you can think of to make the car better. Mustangs IIs dont seem to have a strong aftermarket presence available. I actually wanted to get one about a year ago (see the picture) but the lack of any performance parts made me not buy it. he guy who picked this up got a nice car. I would love to see what its like now.
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    What in the faq

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    Quote Originally Posted by venom View Post
    What in the faq
    This post requires you to click the Likes button to read this content.

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