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Thread: How do you normally pay for your vehicles

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    How do you normally pay for your vehicles

    First off it should say How and not Hoe in the title. I usually sell one to get the next. I found I car I want, but don't have the extra cash. I will sell Mustang to get it, but don't want to sell it until spring at which point the other car will be gone. We usually finance my wife's cars and her cars are always pretty new. My daily drivers are usually well over 100k on the odometer and I just buy them outright. So my choices would be to put a 3rd down, finance the rest and be able to almost pay it off when my Mustang sells, Just wait and pay cash and if it is gone so what, or finance all of it. Affording the payment is really not an issue. The money I would put down is money that has been built over over some car deals and does not effect the budget, but it does pay for car stuff like racing, trips, and stuff like that. I like having that little cushion around in case something breaks at the track or I decide to go somewhere. The car I am looking at is a fairly rare late model car with very low miles. If I don't get this one another will be for sale eventually. What are your thoughts?

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    Wife's cars are financed. My DD's are rehabbed from the brink of death and driven until I deem them dead. Toys are bought with cash or not at all.
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    If you think you'll have more cash when you sell another car, just finance the whole thing and don't worry about a down payment. Save your liquid assets for if something comes up, then pay the loan early when the other car sells. Unless putting a bigger down payment gets you a better loan rate, it's not really worth it IMO. When I bought my Cobra, I financed the whole amount, then used the cash I had saved up to go get it/pay for title and transfer etc.
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    Money is cheap right now (3-4%). Just finance the whole thing and pay it off in the spring when you sell the other one if you want. Or just keep making the payments and let the bank worry about it if something were to happen and you can no longer afford it.

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