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Thread: four post hobby lift

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    four post hobby lift

    Looking for a four post lift mainly for more storage. Any input on a good afordable one ? Something like this

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    For me - Link pulls nothing up but a blank page with wildfire name on it.
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    I have been casually shopping 4 post lifts since last fall.

    No doubt wildfire is still on my short list. I can’t use a lift at full height with my ceiling height, but could drive on and use it at about 4’ off the ground. For me avoiding jacking the car up and getting it on stands is a big win, lol.

    I havent pukked the trigger on anything because I keep circling back to only using half The lift, then working around it in the garage the rest of the time.

    Anyway, I think the wildfire is pretty comparable to Backyard buddy at less cost.

    if your looking for just storage, some of the low cost lifts that you can anchor would be attractive for that
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    That standard with optional rolling bridge jacks would be nice. Now if I had a garage.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaxtonShelby View Post
    For me - Link pulls nothing up but a blank page with wildfire name on it.
    Just put cursor over Car Lifts and there are three that come up to click on.
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    A good friend of mine has purchased like 5 lifts from this place now. They are not junk and very reasonably priced.

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    Currently have a Dannmar 10ACX for doing work. But I have two trucks that are rarely ever used and would be awesome to stack them with a four post.
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    Ahh fuque
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    I’ll be standing up my Rotary SPOA-10 this weekend finally.
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    BendPak is another option.

    I'm with Ares. I'd love a four post with a rolling jack tray.
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    You guys see the new pushrod motor from Ford...

    Never thought I'd see the day when they went back to something like this, definitely pretty cool. Not holding my breath for a performance variant though. I remember getting excited when the 6.2 came out a few years ago and nothing ever came of it performance wise. Even the modded Raptors were kind of a disappointment compared to similarly modded 5.0's.

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